January 12, 2023


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It is a truly painful experience when you create Facebook Ads, pay for them and then you get no positive feedback. You just keep asking yourself  ‘What went wrong?’ over and over again. 

Next thing is that most people get frustrated and abandon the mission. You might be feeling exactly that way right now. But don’t Fret! You have found the answers to why your Facebook Ads are not working

The most impressive thing about it is that at the end of this article, you’ll gain more than just the answers to your pressing Facebook Ad failure. 

You’ll also learn how to fix the problem and proudly rise back on your feet with a heart full of gratitude for Facebook Ads.

So let the journey begin…

1. Bad Ad Copy

You know it doesn’t matter how great your Ad looks if your Ad copy isn’t great. So check your copy; Is it boring? Confusing? Or scammy?

When your audience doesn't feel the spark from your written words, they won’t feel the urge to pull out their wallet. Have you ever read a boring Ad copy? Take this example

“People love our authentic italian food because we prepare it like we do for our own family. Try it, it’s delicious!”

Goodness!!! That is a horribly boring copy. Do you want to visit that restaurant or even order food from there? I bet your answer is ‘NO’

Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is not a copy that can convert and bring in money.

  • -Absence of attractive adjectives 
  • -No appeal to the 5 senses
  • -It sounds common (you hear delicious every day)
  • -No prove of the authenticity they claim
  • -Ambiguous (what Italian food are you referring to? They’ve got many)

Here’s how to fix it

What do you think would have been a better way to advertise this Italian dish? Read this:

“We make our pasta fresh every morning. We bake our own bread, golden and crusty. Our sauce is made from scratch, never from cans. Everything we serve is homemade, 100 percent natural, and delicious.”

Didn’t that just make your mouth water? First off, the copy uses specific words (Pasta), adjectives (fresh, golden, crusty, homemade, natural)

The use of golden and crusty is pure imagery. You can already picture the bread in your mind’s eyes as it is shiny gold. You can taste the crustiness and DANG!! Your senses are heightened.

To prove how authentic their food is, they tell you that their sauce is made from scratch. And they even bake their own bread (Cling!! you remember the taste of home cooked meals and how wonderful it is).

Appeal to your audience’s senses

Note that for an excellent copy, you can either use the power of fear, or appeal to your audience’s emotions  and senses. Take a look at the two alternatives of Facebook Ads for POMPOM Water

  • Drink cleaner water
  • Enjoy pure, crystal-clear, glacier-fresh water

The second copy will definitely convert more because it appeals to the sense of taste (fresh) and sight (crystal-clear). Plus, it evokes imagery.

Be chatty

Your choice of words should be specific and use a chatty style of writing. Your prospect is more relaxed and receptive when he feels like you’re only having a conversation with him. So write as if you’re having a sweet little chat with your audience. 

You’ll bear with me that conversations are almost never boring and uninteresting. They trigger interest in almost anything. 

Be Specific

People don’t have time to read and then look up words/meanings. Anything that is confusing is immediately pushed to the side. So be specific.

Instead of saying ‘make lots of money’ say ‘make $2,450 cash weekly’. The second phrase is very clear and straight to the point. Stop with the superficial phrases_ How much is ‘lots of money’???

What are the unique benefits of  your product?

Don’t just talk about the benefits of your product if you’re in an existing niche. That means you have competitors. Therefore, your Facebook Ad copy should focus on the unique benefits your product offers that your competitor doesn’t. So answer this question in your Ad copy_ How is your offer better than your competitor’s?

Now you get it right? 

2. Your Mindset

You must be wondering  ‘what has my mindset got to do with the failure of my Facebook Ads?’ Trust me dearie, your mindset has everything to do with it. 

Have you ever heard the saying “As your thoughts are, so is your life.”_that’s The Power of Thoughts.

As a digital marketer, part of your life now is Facebook Ads and if you keep having negative thoughts accompanied by the fear of failure, then that’s exactly what you’ll get_failure in terms of unsuccessful Facebook Ads. 

I know that this concept might seem strange to you, but that’s just how the universe works. The law of attraction applies to everything. Whatever you attract you get it.

Now here’s the problem_Your mind  has a blockage somewhere and you have to unblock it for your Ads to convert. 


Start by being grateful for Facebook, your Ads, and your copy. I suggest that you journal this everyday after your morning meditation. 

Practice Yoga and ground yourself in mother Earth’s abundance. Bless yourself, bless your family, your relatives, your friends, your colleagues, and your job. As a matter of fact, just bless everyone who crosses your path in life. 

Forgive those who hurt you and free your mind of the anger, the hatred, sadness and the quest for revenge because those kinds of thoughts vibrate only negative energy. And negative energy can not produce positive results. 

You need those Facebook Ads to work right? Then you have to thank the universe for Successful Ads starting TODAY!!! Believe it when you say it and write it and you’ll receive it. 

Gratitude and forgiveness go a long way to bring a well of abundance into your life. 

3. Are you targeting the right audience?

Can you advertise sweets to a diabetic patient?  How about prospecting customers to buy sweaters in the middle of summer? Such ads are completely out of place like misdirected charity. 

Now let’s talk about where you went off the rails with your Ads ‘targeting’. 

Your Facebook Ads might be going down the drain simply because you are advertising to the wrong  set of people or at the wrong time.. .Does that ring a bell??

Sure it does… Keep nodding


What you want to do about this is that you align your marketing/company goals with your Facebook Ad objective. 

Facebook gives you three objectives_Brand awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. So what do you want to achieve with your Facebook Ad?

  • Do you want people to know about your product/Company/brand?
  • Do you want people to think about your product?
  • Do you want people to buy your product? 

Your answer will determine which of the 3 objectives you should select when creating your Facebook Ad. As a result, Facebook algorithms will show your ad to the right audience.

Choose wisely... 

Another tactic you can use is Facebook pixel. It will link your website to your Facebook and this can help you to retarget your previous website visitors with relevant Ads. 

What does that tell you? That you’ll be showing your Ads to the right people.

All you have to do is go to Facebook settings where you create Ads, stroll to the events manager and then install Facebook pixel. 

Just to be sure that you create your customer avatar and use the specifics such as age group, sex, interests and location when creating your Facebook Ads. 

This tiny detail is an unforgettable spice to your Ad creation and its success. 

4. Bad Graphics

Facebook Ads that have poor graphics are doomed to fail. Care to know why? 

No one likes ugly things, don’t be deceived. So if your Ad Copy is next to a horrible image and design, you can kiss your success goodbye. 

Picture this…

An Ad with too much text reflects congestion and makes it impenetrable to the reader. Your audience wants to easily read with clarity and breathing space. 

To make matters worse, you probably used an unclear, blur image on your Ad. This poor quality of image speaks tons about your brand and product. Do you know what it says???

‘This is a cheap product, it’s low-quality, rejected and unfit’

Jeeeeez that’s disgusting! You don’t want anyone to think about your product like that because that’s definitely not the reputation you’re aiming for. 

Am I wrong??


It’s very simple. Do the opposite of  all what we just talked about_Use lesser text on your designs, and only use high-quality photos with great resolution. 

Don’t be stubborn and dump 30-50 words on the design of your Ad copy. It is forbidden! Put very little text on your design so that light can shine upon it. Put the rest in your Ad copy. 

5. Did you do A/B testing?

We might have been singing a song all along if you didn’t test different variations of your Facebook Ad. 

Do not make the mistake so many marketers make_that of not testing their Ads. I’m telling you this is serious. 

Before launching your ad did you create 2 or even 3 variations and put them out there to find out which one works best? 

If you didn’t do that then you might just be beating yourself around the bush because you won’t know what your audience fancies. A/B testing is crucial to the success of your Facebook Ads. 


I’m guessing you already know what to do at this point. When next you’re creating your Facebook Ad, create at least two variations of the same Ad and test your audience. 

Only by doing this will you know  which one resonates best with them. Then you’ll focus on that particular variation to promote your product. 

6. You Focus on Short-term Results

Digital marketing in general and Facebook Ads isn’t for those who want quick results. So if you’re looking to immediately get likes and comments in the beginning, sorry to burst your bubbles_you gotta calm down and take one step at a time. 

You see, in this business, you have to invest your time, money, energy and patience. Don’t leave out patience.

If you’ve been running Facebook Ads for only a short period of time without any positive results (such that you were hoping for), don’t give up!

You’ve still got a long way to go. Run it  again, and this time, believe that your patience will pay off.

Sometimes it’s better to aim for the long-term results rather than the short-term ones because the former yields benefits for a very long time. So don’t be discouraged dear friend.


I’m glad that you’ve understood why your Facebook Ads are not working and how you can fix the problem. But before you go, here’s a recap of the possible solutions to running a successful Facebook Ad campaign:

-Cross check your Ad copy like an owl hovering above the night’s sky

-Watch  your thoughts

-Revisit your target audience and your objectives

-Hire a professional graphics designer with good reputation

-Test different variations of your Ads, and of course be patient!!!

Thank you for reading.

About the author 

Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

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