January 17, 2023


Why your Facebook Ads are not getting any reach

What is Ad reach?

Ad reach refers to the number of people who see your ad and probably take action. So that means Facebook ad reach is the total number of internet users who see your Facebook ad. 

That means they saw your ad, liked it, commented, clicked on it for the landing page etc. That my friend, is what Facebook ad reach means. 

Ask yourself?  How many people did my Facebook Ad impress?  

And before you start frowning because of a negative reach  result, why don’t you first find out the signs and symptoms that indicate your Facebook ads are not getting any reach.. 

Because the symptoms you’ll identify are the basis from where you’ll start treating your Ads. Isn’t that right?

When you know  what your problem is, you know where and how to fix it

How do you know that your Facebook Ads are not getting  any reach?

1. No Likes

First things first! Your ad doesn’t get any likes. Yea I know it hurts when you run your ads, then you stick by your laptop checking every minute to see 

Who liked it? Who clicked? Who commented?

You’re so anxious that your blood is running twelve times faster than it should and you feel this abnormal heat rising from the tip of your toes to the crown of your head. 

And then Bam!! It hits you. For 24hours now you’ve got just 4 likes or even worse none. 

2. No Comments

If you’re not getting any likes, it’ll be very difficult to get comments. Isn’t that right?

If people can’t find time to like your ad do you think they’ll have time to leave a comment? Uh uh…

3. Low Click Through rate

When your Facebook ad is doing so badly that even the Facebook check engine (Indicator Relevance Score) gives you warning lights, you’ll realise you haven’t had a single click to your landing page. 

Then it strikes you that no one is interested in your product, talk less of buying it. 

Sadly, when your CTR is desperately low, it means that your  ad conversion is barely crawling. Consequently, you make no profit and get no return on investment.

So what is wrong? Is it that people aren’t seeing your ads, they just don’t like it or they don’t need whatever it is that you’re selling? 

Let’s dive deeper into the possible reasons why you’re experiencing this very disturbing situation.

Why your Facebook Ads are not getting any reach

There are plenty of reasons why your ad isn’t getting the recognition you want or had hoped for. Take a look at these simple and yet significant huge blocks.

1. Bad Ad Copy

It might sound funny, but honestly, the quality of your  Ad copy influences the reach of your ad. You probably wrote something that was’t captivating enough for your audience. 

Remember that if your words aren’t powerful and really convincing, people won’t click on your ad and they won’t buy it. 

So how did you write your ad  copy? Did  your copy present a problem, show the solution and talk about the benefits of your product? 

Or did you just bury your copy in the features of your product? How big your company is and how successful you’ve been the past couple of years? 

Re-read your copy and find out if you made the mistake of not using one of the principles of consumer psychological principles. You must have failed to probe into the minds  of your audience because you didn’t implement any principle of consumer psychology.

What about  your diction? Maybe you used difficult words and big grammar. No one wants to read an ad copy and have to open the dictionary just to understand what you’re saying. 

People just don’t have the time for that!

Did you spend your sales letter boasting about yourself/company, and what you do? That’s a wrong call darling..

2. Your budget is too low

I know that everyone says Facebook ads are the cheapest avenue to advertise your products online. But do you also know that you get what you pay for??

It’s very simple; 

When your budget is small, Facebook will show your ads to fewer people and for a limited number of times pay day. 

What does that mean to you? Less viewers, less clicks, and obviously poor reach. 

You can’t pay $20  and expect Facebook to run your ads 10 times in five hours. Sorry to break it to you like this, but that’s not how it works. 

If you want better exposure, you gotta pay more money. 

It’s like you pay $70 to your car dealer and expect him to sell you a brand new Porsche Cayenne. That’ll be crazy. So don’t pay Facebook $7  and expect 2000 impressions for your Ad. 

3.Wrong target

Have you ever considered the possibility  that you might be targeting the wrong audience? Yes! Sometimes your facebook ads might not be getting any reach because you’re showing it to the wrong set of people. 

How did you make this mistake then? You didn’t study your product well enough to identify who needs it, when and where? 

So by virtue of that mis-step, you gave Facebook Ads Manager the wrong directions when you selected the audience to whom your ads should be shown. 

You may have overlooked the financial status of your audience. Are they workers, teenagers, or babies? 

Obviously teens don’t have a lot of money to spare. Children don’t even have money. So if your product is meant for children and you focus your ad on them (to please the kids), you’re not going to sell. 

Why because, you can't be advertising your product to people who can’t buy, or who don’t have the means to buy it. If you do that, you’d just be wasting your time.

4. Your audience is not specific

No successful business has a broad audience or market without a point of focus. When you go extreme, you derail from the path. When you narrow it too much, you equally go off the rails. 

I understand that you probably included everyone in your target market because you didn’t want to lose potential clients. 

However, when your target market is too broad, the majority of people who see your ad might not be buyers and Facebook would just throw your Ads around to their entire database. 

Or in your quest to be specific, you might have squeezed the audience box so tight that the number of people who should see your ads is very small. 

The point is, don’t cut too wide nor too thin. Think of it this way: An extremist has serious problems just like an introvert does. This is why it is important to stay in the middle.

Be neither hot nor cold.

5. You have the wrong mindset

Believe me when I say that nothing you do with a trampled mindset will be successful. And yes, not even your  Facebook Ads. 

What if after every thing your ad copy was great, you poured in the right amount of money needed to boost your ads, you targeted the right people and you actually mastered everything there is to know on Facebook Ads manager.

Still yet your Ads are not getting any reach. What do you think might be the problem? 

Have you considered the possibility that it is your mindset that is blocking your Ads from getting any reach? 

Yes, your mind holds the power to take you to the sky or bury you 30 feets below the earth. 

You’re probably sitting there thinking, “I’m not sure I’ll get any reach this time” “ I’m so  unfortunate when it comes to Facebook Ads” “ last time I didn’t get any reach, why would I now” “ I hate this thing…” etc 

When you think that way, the only results you’ll get are negative ones. You’re not going to get any reach, no impressions, no likes and no comments. 

Do you want to know why? Because all what the universe hears you say and do is complain. That means you’re telling the universe and mother Earth that you enjoy complaining. 

And so they’ll help you complain more by failing your Facebook Ads. When you don’t get any reach, blame yourself again and the cycle continues. 

I’m pretty sure that by now you have an idea of why your Facebook ads aren’t getting any reach. Even if you didn’t make any of the mistakes above, you might be doing the correct thing but in a limited amount. 

So how can you increase your Facebook Ad reach?

How to Increase Your Facebook Ad Reach

1. Fix your mindset

Are you programmed for success, greatness, gratitude, optimism or the exact opposite of all these? 

Like I said earlier,  so long as  you don’t think/believe that you can achieve something, you’ll never do it. 

Likewise if you don’t believe that your ads can get wonderful reach, they won’t get it no matter what you do.

So, in case you are fond of drifting towards negative thoughts, you better sit up and get your thoughts right.  Think positively and be confident in the process of your Ad creation. 

Believe that you can actually get all the reach you want and thatt your Ads are worth all the trouble in the world because they’re simply the best in regards to what your clients  want. 

2. Target better

The number one secret for better Ad reach is who you’re targeting. If you want people to see your ad and actually like it or comment on it, you’ve got to target the right people. 

Why would you expect someone who needs building construction materials to see your Ad for New jeans and like it or comment. They won’t do it because they aren’t looking for that. 

Here’s what you are going to do in order to target better; You’ll dig deeper into Facebook’s wealth of information about consumers. And you know that Facebook has got all the information you need. 

When you get a few people who are interested in your product, make sure you shoot your shots at them with retargeted ads. 

They’re already leads so you have to warm them up and not let them forget about your product. 

Remember to stay in the middle when  you’re defining your target audience. Don’t stray so far and don’t stay too close. 

This way, your audience is neither too small nor too vast. That’s the only way you can avoid an overlapping audience.

Do you get the point, “Stay in the middle”. Besides, too much of  anything is a disease…

3. Write better Ad copy

Your words carry the power to either make your audience buy or scroll to the next item on their screen. 

Therefore you should write with confidence, and be excited about your product. Your reader (prospect)  can feel excitement and boredom through written words. Boring stuff is always dumped into the bin.

So what’s it gonna be? 

When you write, make sure that you present a problem, next the solution(your product) and the benefits it has for your client. 

Don’t forget about the 17 basic principles of Consumer psychology.  You can not use all in your Ad copy, but you can most certainly use one or more of them. 

For example, you can apply the principle of fear-factor in order to sell your product. 

Thirdly, watch your words. Your prospect doesn’t want to know how best you master your first language. They only want to understand what you’re saying. 

So it’s time to lay your uptight vocabulary to rest. You’re not writing the copy to impress anyone. You are writing to help people understand a particular product and all the good it can do for them. 

Embrace simple words and straight-forward language. Write in a way that even a 5 year old can understand. By the way, it isn’t about you, it’s about your prospect. 

4. Be encouraging

You and I both know that some people need a little nudge before they can perform a task. Therefore, you have to encourage likes and shares. Ask for it in your Call-To-Action. 

How about you ask your fans to receive notifications? Just that single question can push them to click. 

Come on… you’ve got to give them reasons to comment. 

Thank you for sticking with me through this ride. I hope that you now understand why your Facebook ads aren’t getting any reach and how you can fix the problem. Congratulate yourself for reading the whole article.  

About the author 

Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

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