January 12, 2023


what is the best time of the day to advertise on facebook

What influences the time you should advertise?

Don’t waste your time looking for a universal time to advertise your product on Facebook. ‘Cause you won’t find it my dear. 

Everyone will sing their own song, push up their own findings, and saturate your mind with their results of when and how you should run your Facebook Ads. 

But, the truth is that the exact time you should advertise  depends on three main factors:

  • Your niche/industry/target market
  • The  location of your audience
  • When your audience is online

Social media is a whole different planet on its own. It’s got its own rules and process. In order for your social media marketing campaign to thrive on social media, you’ve got to learn and master all these rules. 

So, talking about when to post on Facebook, you must be wondering why do I even need to bother when I post my stuff? 

Trust me, your timing is very important because it affects the  success rate of your Facebook Ads whether you like it or not. 

First of all, you know that Facebook is a global platform with people from all over the world and as geography has it, there are different time zones across the globe. 

Picture this; you post a morning motivation quote that carries  along your business  product for advertisement. Normally, when you create your ads, you select the location where Facebook should promote it. 

Imagine posting your ad at a time when your target audience is most likely to be asleep. What does that tell you?

That your potential clients haven’t even seen your ad because they weren’t online. 

How do you feel about that? Bad of course…

So it’s vital for you to advertise at a time when your audience is active online. 

Why is there a special time to advertise on Facebook?

The mission of your Ad

Let’s start with a story… So this guy is out to woo Maggie and Maggie being the good girl that she is (she knows the value of her coochie) let’s him be a gentleman and really woo her. 

Maggie usually leaves work at 5 in the evening and John is there to pick her up. He takes her to a nice chic restaurant for dinner, keeps her company, pays the bill and then takes her home. 

He does everything to know when she’s free, busy, at work and available because  when she isn’t free,  she can’t listen to him or consider anything that he says. 

John, on the other hand, must accomplish his mission. Therefore, he would make sure that he only calls Maggie when he knows that she’s free to talk, listen to him, and consider his advances. 

Similarly, it is of utmost importance that you advertise your product on Facebook at a time when your audience is free (active) , can listen to  you (open to reading/viewing ads), and can consider your ads  (compare it to your competitor’s). 

So what’s your purpose for advertising? Are you looking for higher CTR, more likes, more conversion? 

Find out when these types of actions are most likely to occur. Or better still, when is your audience prone to clicks, likes and purchase. 

Haven’t you noticed that clubs get busier and more customers as the air draws thicker into the night? That’s when business is booming for club owners. 

This explains why clubs usually open at night. Do you get it? Because that’s the time when their clients are active. 

So why on earth would  you advertise your product on Facebook at a period when your audience isn’t online? It just doesn’t make sense. 

Grab a pen and paper, go to Facebook analytics, trends  or do something that will enable  you to get all the data on your audience. 


Before you go running down the hill, organization is part of planning and you’ve got to plan the time, how and why you advertise on Facebook. After all, failing to plan is simply planning to fail. 

And that saying applies to your Facebook Ads. Don’t just post because you want to or have to. Make sure that you’re posting at the right time  that is beneficial to your company and your product. 

When I talk of benefits, that means you should get likes, comments, high CTR, and consequently increase in sales because that’s the ultimate goal of all marketing campaigns.

What is the best time of the day to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is now the global supermarket for digital marketers and  business opportunities. And because it’s a market doesn’t mean that it’s open for YOU to SELL at all times. That’s because your clients aren’t AVAILABLE to BUY at all times. 

Supermarkets are open 24/7 true but are your clients available for you 24/7?? The answer is no

This same principle applies to Facebook marketing. 

Before we dive into the best time you should post your Ads on Facebook, take note that although these statistics are only general, you can start with them if you haven’t been long into Facebook ads and  you don’t have enough data and insights from previous posts to help guide you through the thick forest. 

With time, as you continue to advertise, you’ll get a better grasp of your specific audience and how they interact with your ads. This will help you to plan and organize better when to run your Facebook Ads. 

Here we go...

1. For Exposure

If you’re looking to get exposure for your brand on Facebook, then Wednesday is the D- day for you. And the perfect time range is from 10 to 1p.m. 

Wednesday is ideal for brand awareness because, according to 

Still on our subject of exposure, the preferred time to caress your Facebook audience with your Ads on other weekdays is from 9a.m to 3p.m

That’s when they’re active online and ready to listen to you. They’re all ears. 

2. For Engagement

Looking to get your audience committed? You just have to post between 1p.m to 3p.m. At this time, most people are having lunch and it’s usually a  big gap in their schedules. 

So, they take the time out to catch up on what they missed throughout the period they were working. 

It’s true that people can engage whenever they can. But did you know that engagement is 18% higher on Thursday and Friday?? 

18% isn’t much but it’s something! And that might just be the window opportunity you need to blow off.

3. When your data tells you to

When you are a page owner or page administrator, Facebook gives you a ton of information about your specific audience on Facebook insights. Just imagine all the good you can do with that.

You’ll know when they’re online and active. This  type of insight will also enable you to record the time period when your ads get more likes, comments and CTR etc. That simply means they’re connected at that hour. 

As a result, next time you want to run Ads, you’ll do it within that time frame. 

Don’t you think that it’s much better when you have a core understanding of your audience, your own people, your tribe instead of a general fact that might not even apply to your specific crowd?

All it takes is one soft click on your “Facebook insights”

Digest that for now…

4. Blogging Tool “Buffer”

Another excellent time you can advertise on Facebook is when Buffer tells you to do so. The question is, do you even know what Buffer is? 

It’s a blogging tool that helps you post your content at a time when your audience is online and welcoming (they’re open to absorbing some information). 

Think of it as your James Bond in the open  field who surveys and sends you feedback on when to strike and when to take up diplomacy. 

Since this tool is so valuable to bloggers, why not use it to monitor your audience before you launch your Facebook ads. Buffer will inform you when your audience is online and also help you to see when there’s a spike in the number of  likes, comments and views. 

Isn’t that wonderful? 

Now think of all the wonders Hootsuite, (another blogging tool) can do for you. This social media  manager platform has leading features that are designed to enable you to publish  your content or ads at the best time. 

Don’t get it wrong. Best time here is specific to your brand, your industry and most importantly your target audience. 

Before we close the curtains on this one, remember that there’s no fixed time to advertise on Facebook  that applies to everyone. Rather, there’s a fixed time for you to post depending on these these statements: 

The days you get the most sales 

The time of the day that your Ads get the most likes

When you generate the highest click-through-rate. 

Thank you for reading and please let us know what time  of the day favours  your Facebook Ads. We’re excited to hear from you.

About the author 

Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo

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