June 28

Adventures of the Travel Bunny


Mirela Letailleur from Romania, a travel blogger of The Travel Bunny for today’s Sunday Spotlight.
Not too long ago, I was a Digital, Events & Adult Courses Coordinator at the British Council in Romania. Today, I am a full-time travel blogger on a quest to become a digital nomad together with my husband, Mathieu.” Read more of her story and start with her blog here.

Instilling Love of Travel and Becoming a Travel Blogger

Born and raised in Bucharest, the Capital of Romania, I’ve always been fond of traveling and I have to thank my parents for instilling this passion in me. Ever since I was a small child, they helped me discover the beauties of my own country. And, when I was in the third grade, they took me on my first road trip through Europe. We’ve explored bits of Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, and Italy. Our travels continued over the years and and through the continent. It fed my hunger for novelty.

Meeting her Travel Buddy

While I enjoy traveling with family, with friends, and sometimes alone; nowadays, I travel mostly with my husband, Mathieu Letailleur. He also enjoys visiting new places. Consequently, this joy is also what brought him to Romania, his home-away-from-home for the past years. Furthermore, this is what got the two of us to meet each other, in the end.

Since we crossed paths, in March 2017, we’ve visited over 10 countries together (yes, including Romania and France, where we’re still taking turns in being the guide). We thoroughly research our journeys, arrange and book our trips on our own, find the best deals, and plan our travel itineraries together.

Current and Future Plans

Mid-December 2018, I quit my job as a Digital, Events, and Adult English Courses Coordinator, in order to join Mathieu on his next work adventures. We were supposed to go to Paris for a few months starting with the end of February. Apparently though, he was needed more in Romania, so we stayed there for another year. In February, we bought a 35-feet boat to sail the Mediterranean sea from port to port this year. Although the pandemic is a major setback, hopefully this year isn’t lost.


Your Thoughts

We hope your adventures can begin again to other countries. We look forward to hearing more about your travels and hope to feature you on a future Travel Tuesday.

What countries in Europe are on your list to travel to?
Is it cliche if I said Italy? The biggest reason isn’t the Eiffel Tower; it’s the food! I love Italian food, breads, desserts. Therefore, it sounds Italy knows how to eat! Yum!
I also saw a show that featured Finland and its yearly made igloo hotel that looked interesting and fun. I would love to see the Northern Lights in Finland, but I know you can see them in other locations too.

Furthermore, would you travel by boat? I think I would because I loved my cruise that I went on in October, but maybe yachts and smaller boats compared to a cruise ship I would get sea sick.

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