June 27

Struggles with Blog Content

For today’s Saturday Share, we talk about struggles with blog content.

Struggles with Blog Content – Being New

When you are a new blogger, it can be hard to think about what to write to reach your readers. A few weeks ago, we talked about discovering your niche. Reference that post again if you’re not sure  on what topics you love or know a lot about.
Last week, we talked about Blog Series. Once you figure out what you love and know, then see if you can fit those categories to create blog series posts. If you love parenting, maybe have a Mommy Mondays blog series. Or if you love fashion, do Fashionable Fridays. When you share aspects of your life, people want to get to know you more and connect with you.
I have a blogger friend that focuses on beauty in her blog, but she incorporates her love of music by doing album inspired make up looks. Figure out what you know and love and see how you can connect them. It can take creativity, but when you do people really see who you are and want to know more and read more.

Types of Blog Posts

Who says you have to write for every blog post you do? I know many people who love vlogging (video blogging) more. They have more talent with technology than with writing. Similarly podcasts are super popular as of late. You can link your podcast and then transcribe that into your blog post. Having different options on the types of posts you do helps attract more readers. There are some blog fans who struggle with reading. Then there’s readers who are deaf and prefer reading. Giving your fans options will create great community.

Other types of blog posts you could have are guest posts. Bloggers love spreading the word and reaching more people by doing guests posts for each other.
Marketer at AHREFS, Si Quan Yang shares this about guest posts in his article on Blogging Tips.  Blogging Tip #14:“If you want to gain traction, don’t just write for your blog. Leverage the authority and following of other blogs to drive traffic, links, and build your brand.”

Having guests post also brings new voices to your blog making it more interesting to see other perspectives. These perspectives can help generate new ideas for blog content for you to write as well.


I love working with other people. I love sharing ideas. I believe when you share ideas, you can create stronger results. One of my dreams back when I was blogging more publicly was to have a group of ladies work with me on my blog. We would take turns sharing our lives and seeing different perspectives. One blog that I’ve seen this done effectively is The Dating Divas. I even guest posted on their blog many years ago.
Do you have friends who like many of the same things you do? See if they want to become a blogger with you. Then you can take turns posting on certain days. Therefore, it doesn’t feel like work and can be more fun.

Ask your Readers

If you have a very specific blog say like race cars or makeup, then ask your readers what they want to learn more about. Maybe you briefly touched on a topic they wanted, but you can develop it more and turn it into a blog series and going into more detail in a certain topic.

When you check in with your readers to see what they want, they feel a sense of ownership in your blog and can better connect with you.

Plan Ahead and Struggles with Blog Content No More

One tip to help with your content and types of posts is using a scheduling tool like Trello to plan your posts in advance. Or if you’re like me, use a planner. Then you can see the gaps you need to fill in. When you write every day, you improve your writing skills and work towards better blog content. Consequently, you see what posts your readers like best and can go off of that when creating new content.


Do you have a topic for us? Register your blog or send us a message so we can answer your questions with blogging so you can be your best blogger self and earn that award for your hard work. Or become a guest post on our blog so you can make new connections.


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