June 23

Kruger National Park


Explore a South Africa Nature Reserve and National Park. One Facebook fan, Susann from the blog, Goddess, shared this for today’s Travel Tuesday!

Susann from Goddess

My favourite destination is the Kruger National Park or Kgalagadi Transfontier Park in South Africa.

Photo from Susann

Why people should visit my country:
1. We have the Big 5
2. We have friendly people
3. We have mountains
4. We have the sea
5. We have great food
Plus literally within an hour from wherever you live there is a nature reserve.
Would you take a trip into the wild?

My Thoughts

Thank you so much Susann for sharing a part of your world. Seeing nature and God’s creatures is mesmerizing. My youngest loves animals so I would love to take my children to a place like this. They would be so fascinated with this place.

First looking at the website for this place, it looks like there would be so much to do and see.  If I could go there, I would love to participate in the 4×4 Route, Predator Camp, and Lion Cheetah Feeding. I recently was able to use some ATVs so I think the 4×4 route would be just as fun. The Predator Camp would have so many of the majestic animals. I would be a little nervous with the Lion and Cheetah Feeding, but it would be so interesting.

Family Friendly

Next this place sounds very family friendly. My kids would also love the pool to cool down because I’m sure South Africa is quite hot. They would also love the play park.  I love that the play park has so many activities for kids to get their energy out especially if they have been in the car going around looking at the animals. Some of the activities at the play park are obstacle courses, trampolines, swings, sandpits, jumping castles and jungle gyms. Apparently, your child can have their birthday party here as well. I love throwing my children birthday parties; consequently, this would make for a memorable birthday especially for an animal lover.

Meanwhile, it looks like it would take more than a day to do everything there making this Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve a wonderful place to go to over and over again. As a result, this makes it wonderful for families. What places do you like to visit over and over again?


Furthermore, it’s amazing that this place has many endangered species to see. I would love to see a White Lion and the White Bengal Tiger. Those sounds like such beautiful and rate animals. It says that the White Lion has a blue eyes. How neat is that! Did you know that the White Bengal Tiger is not albino.


In addition, another activity there that I would enjoy visiting is seeing the Wondercave. The pictures look amazing! The website says this place is  natural wonder and is over 5-10 million years old! Wow! I find caves fascinating, but I have only been in a few caves that were more smooth and easy for children to explore. It would feel like a true adventure to explore the Wondercave with its many stalactites and stalagmites.


Subsequently, I love that this reserve also has many restaurants to choose from since I’m a bit of a foodie. Out of the five restaurants they have, I would probably choose the Neck and Deck. It sounds like they have a lot of choices plus you can also feed the giraffes! I remember being able to feed the giraffes as a little girl. I thought it was so neat that they had purple tongues!  The pictures of their AfroFusion food look quite delicious!


As a result of this nature reserve having family friendly activities, unique experiences, and yummy looking food, this place would definitely be a great adventure to have if I was in South Africa.
What parts of Kruger National Park would you be most excited to experience? What other areas of South Africa would be great to visit? We want to hear from you and explore the world!


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