June 19

Peace from Friendship


How has friendship supported you in your life or maybe in your blogging? Do you have friends and family who support you in your goals? These are the type of friendships that can lift you up as you strive for your goals.

My family has always shared great qualities about me. Many things that I don’t see often in myself, but their encouragement helps me try a little harder. I usually talk with one of my best friends once a week. Having someone as a sounding board to let frustrations out brings me peace and comfort. My husband is my ultimate friend. He makes me whole and always makes sure that I’m doing things that are in my best interest and not just to please others. As a result, I know where I can find extra peace to support me on my path.

We’d love to hear about a friendship or family who brings peace in your life, especially ones that have supported you in your blogging journey.


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