June 16

My First Cruise


Today I want to share about my first cruise for today’s Travel Tuesday!

I went on my first cruise in October 2019 with my grandma, parents, husband and children in part of celebrating my 35th birthday and my 15 year wedding anniversary. My husband doesn’t love traveling so that’s one of the main reasons we hadn’t been on a cruise yet. As it became closer, he actually became more excited about it, as what usually happens when we’re in the actual thick of things. We ported from Tampa, Florida and cruised to Cozumel Mexico.

Our favorite things about going on a cruise with our family was

1. the Food! I’ve learned that I’m a bit of a foodie. I tried everything and had multiple appetizers and desserts. I think I gained 6 lbs. from the cruise (I tried to prepare for that by eating lots of salad before the cruise, haha). My husband loved Guy’s Burgers on the ship. We were on Carnival Paradise.

2. It actually felt like a Real Vacation – I didn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. I just had to pack the kids’ stuff. The kids had plenty to do to keep them occupied…no “I’m bored” stuff at all!

3. Beautiful views. We were just memorized by the ocean and seeing that bright blue water when we reached Cozumel.


We plan on going again in early 2024 with our children. I am so glad that my husband loved it too. He just wants to port closer to our home next time since he’s so tall, long flights are a challenge for him.

How many have you been on a cruise? Where did you go and what did you love about your cruise? We’d love to spotlight more cruises on a future Travel Tuesday.
I will probably share more details of mine in the future.


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