Ryan Biddulph

Founder: Blogging From Paradise.

Ryan is a self-published author of 126 books on Amazon and the founder of blogging from paradise. After being employed in a series of corporate jobs Ryan worked for 4 years as a security guard at Port Newark, NJ before being downsized and went on to become a globe-trotting professional blogger. He has been featured  on over 200 blogs since he launched Blogging From Paradise in July of 2014 (while living in gorgeous Savusavu, Fiji), some of his features includes Richard Branson's Virgin blog, Forbes, Fox News, Neil Patel dot com, Entrepreneur and more. His books are a mix of playful travel stories and helpful simple to understand blogging tips for online entrepreneurs. Ryan is currently circling the globe with his wife Kelli. Read more about him by clicking on the link below.

Mary Fernandez

Founder: Persuasion Nation

Mary is the founder of persuasion nation and persuasion education a system used by entrepreneurs in all different niches to build highly persuasive online education businesses. She started in 2010 as a hobby and soon transformed it into a business. She has been featured on sites such as Inc, Huffpost, Smart Blogger and Creative. She a certified content marketing, email marketing and search marketing  specialist. She a homeschooling mom of 4 and also a former content manager for a former 8-figure business.

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Michael Pozdnev

Founder: I  Wanna be a Blogger

Michael is the founder of I wannabe a blogger. He started his career in the year 2000 as an SEO, web dev, social media and marketing specialist.He has created more than 200 websites, owned a company that provided site development, promotional services, participated in SEO contests and co-founded several businesses: an online English school, a car rental firm in the Czech Republic and several online shops that sell movies and computers. Today his website receives more than 300,000 unique visitors per day — more than 7 million users per month, with 30 million views. Click the button below to read more about him.

Stephanie Fiteni

Founder: stephaniefiteni.com

Stephanie is the founder of stephaniefitenie dot com, a self-taught programmer, content marketing strategist and traffic growth coach. She helps her clients turn  their blog deserts into lush oases of leads and clients. She started her entrepreneurial Journey by teaching and coding for money. In 2008 she co-created an Ad agency with her husband, 8 years later, she felt trapped because she couldn't handle deadlines and her family. and decided to start her blog which is more flexible and family friendly. She has been featured on sites like Content marketing Institute, Huffpost and Thrive global. Today she shares her knowledge by coaching people 1:1. Click on the button below to find out more about her.