November 1, 2019


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As defined in the dictionary, a blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog. Pretty boring/dull, mundane definition, right? Well, being a blogger is definitely not boring and goes beyond simply just writing. As a blogger, your content has the power to inspire, ignite, and motivate others to start their own blog, to finally go on that run, pack a suitcase and travel, or to simply let others know that they aren’t alone. Luckily for bloggers, Infinity Blog Awards exists!

Infinity Blog Awards is a website that acknowledges the hard work that bloggers dedicate to creating their content and running their accounts. Truthfully, bloggers are under-celebrated, but thanks to founder and CEO Tanyi Melvis Bechemneyo, things are about to change! Tanyi is a blogger herself. She understands that bloggers do not receive the recognition that they rightfully deserve. Thus, the birth of Infinity Blog Awards came to be! It only takes a single person to make a change, and Infinity Blog Awards is here to celebrate the change that bloggers aim to achieve with their safe and impactful content.

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Acknowledges Bloggers for Their Hard Work

Now you know the mission of Infinity Blog Awards, but how exactly does it all work? We’ll go step-by-step!

First of all, Infinity Blog Awards recognizes blogs across 31 different categories, also known as Gold Awards; some of the categories are Newcomer of the Year (new blogs, under 1 year old), Best Beauty Blog, Best Food Blog, and Best Lifestyle Blog! There are entry guidelines to follow in order to become a nominee. After that, bloggers complete an entry form and receive a confirmation email. Simple, right?

After becoming a nominee, one of the most important stages occurs- “Voting Period.” During this time, nominees are expected to share their nominations with their followers in order to get votes. The more votes, the merrier- it will help them make the finalists’ list! We will then move on to the “Judging Period,” where the blogs will be evaluated and scored based on the number of votes received along with other criteria. A total of 8 blogs per category will be selected to make the finalists’ list. Finalists will be announced about a week after the “Judging Period.”

Finally, the awards ceremony! Infinity Blog Awards will host an ALL DAY EVENT dedicated to

our finalists and attendees. There will be a morning Blogging Workshop (more detail below) and of course, the Awards Ceremony in the evening. We understand how hard bloggers work day in and day out to create inspirational and impactful content; we want to take a day to congratulate bloggers and the blogging community for everything they contribute!

While the Awards Ceremony is the larger scale way of how we bring awareness to bloggers, we also stay active on social media such as Instagram (@infinity_blog_awards) and Facebook (@infinityblogawards) to keep everyone updated leading up to the event.

Provides Opportunity for Networking

As mentioned earlier, there is a morning Blogging Workshop which is one way that Infinity Blog Awards provides as a wonderful opportunity for our attendees to mingle, network, and of course, have fun with each other! The workshop will ultimately allow bloggers to learn from other bloggers who have been in the industry for many years.

We also provide the information of our nominated bloggers which directs traffic and brings more viewers to their blog. Under each category, we share their blog page and an image that depicts the blog/blogger.

Know You Are Making a Difference!

It’s easy for bloggers to forget how meaningful their content is. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Infinity Blog Awards’ job is primarily to praise bloggers for all their work!

We even provide awards that are dedicated to bloggers who are outstanding in areas that are above blogging. For example, we have the Honorable Mention Awards, Fellowship Award, Most Outstanding Blogger, and Founder’s Humanitarian Award. These are to recognize those who go above and beyond.

Our Prestige Award recognizes the most outstanding blog across all 30 categories; the winner will be selected based on merit and announced at the ceremony!

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Thank You!

We want to end off by saying thank you once again to all our bloggers and blogging community! We notice you. You are appreciated. Keep it up!

Will You Be Joining Us This Year?

Will you be in attendance at the FIRST ever Infinity Blog Awards ceremony event this year? Let us know in the comment section if we will be seeing you this year? Also, what are you most looking forward to seeing or experiencing this year?

Looking for more reasons to attend our awards ceremony? Check out these 7 reasons! We can’t wait to see you there!

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