July 5

With Love Moni


Monidipa Dutta is the blogger behind With Love Moni. She is an Indian Lifestyle blogger as well as a Mental Health Counselor. Read more about her on today’s Sunday Spotlight.


Meet With Love Moni

Monidipa shares her start with blogging as an Indian Lifestyle Blogger.

I started blogging long time back, Being a girl who had been orphaned in a very young age with no one to look after and after a disastrous accident in 2017 I had given up. I started re-working on my blog in 2018 and in 2019 again my blog was gone. It took 9 months to revive my blog. I know one thing for sure no matter whatever hurdles I may face I will never stop writing and blogging.

You can also find With Love Moni on Instagram and Twitter.

This Indian Lifestyle Blogger is from the city of Joy, Kolkata but now lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She considers herself as an ambivert but also describes herself as workaholic. Apart from being a blogger, she is also a mental health counselor. Her world completely revolves around her work that includes counseling and writing.

Caffeinated Workaholic is another term associated with her as her day starts with coffee and ends with it too.


Indian Lifestyle Blogger

On With Love Moni, she shares art, entertainment, beauty and fashion. If you need ideas on what to watch, then definitely check out her entertainment section. In her beauty section, she touches a lot on different types of makeup from foundation to lipstick to bronzer. Similarly, for fashion ideas, she has a post even for men to help them to impress the ladies. If you love shopping, Moni has a great post about how shopping relieves stress. Furthermore, in her art section, I was pleasantly surprised to see her original works of art, poetry and more. Monidipa is a very talented woman.

Next, she even has a section called, Interview Zone, where she has interviewed a bibliophile, fashion blogger, paranormal investigator and more. How interesting to meet a variety of people.

If you love reading as much as I do, definitely check out her interview with a bibliophile to get ideas for your next reads. I participate in several book clubs and love getting ideas for new books to help me step out of my typical reads. I’d love to hear any of your favorite books you’ve read this year!

Mental Health Counselor

On her blog, Monidipa has several posts that touch several mental health topics from OCD to ADHD to Depression. Consequently, for any of you who struggle with mental health or know people who do, this might be a great resource to find understanding and touch light on mental health in breaking the stigmas in talking about these topics. Her most recent post entitled, Do Depressed People Share their Problems, was definitely spot on for me. Therefore, if you know someone who struggles with depression, it’s definitely worth a read.


Monidipa, we can’t wait to read more of your blog posts and see your journey with blogging develop. Thank you for registering and sharing your story with us. We hope to work and spotlight your blog more in the future.


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