June 7



Meet FireSpeedy, Kapil Goyal.

Kapil is from Punjab, India. His blog is called FireSpeedy. FireSpeedy is all about to speed. Kapil posts regularly about speed, i.e. electric cars, hydrogen cars, solar cars, rockets, etc. Speed lovers will enjoy this site.

Here is his story with blogging.
“Every blogger has a story behind blogging, but my story is interesting one.
Few months back I received an educational assignment on Bloggers and Blogging; therefore, I researched a lot on it. After research, I got influenced to do blogging.
First I did blogging for a month on a free google platform known as Blogger. My mind was completely full of dedication that I will not give up.

After few days, I won a free WordPress hosting as a promotional give away on Facebook. Then I created this blog named Firespeedy. I spend a lot of time on blogging. My parents scold me a lot, but my mind is so dedicated that I continue to do it.”


We love your dedication Kapil. Dedication will help you go far.
Follow FireSpeedy on Facebook and Instagram. Comment below something you love about his blog.


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