June 12

Family Quarantine Activities


Many of you have been in quarantine with family or close friends for a while now. What kinds of activities or challenges have you been doing to keep sane or stay connected? Share your ideas with us, send us a photo, and we might spotlight you on our next Family Friends Friday.

If you need ideas, here are several my family has done together.

First, we’ve gone on many walks and explored new areas of our community. Along the way we’ve been able to wave to friends and say a quick hi while being socially distanced. My toddler has become quite good at moving to the side when we meet strangers on the sidewalk.

Second, we’ve tried some interesting challenges. I attempted the push-up wall challenge. I didn’t too bad if I say so myself. My children and I participated in a three legged race together and sent in a photo of us completing that. My kids had never apparently done a three-legged race before so it was a great opportunity to teach them this traditional reunion activity.

Lastly, my family has tried to learn new things. My husband has learned about replacing electrical outlets and some basic plumbing. My oldest child learned how to create some computer games and my middle child learned Kawaii drawing. Our knowledge is something we can take with us everywhere, so always be learning.


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