June 26

Family Celebrations


Family Friend Celebrations during Covid 19 Quarantine for today’s Family Friend Friday.

Family Friend Celebrations – Baby Shower

First family friend celebration I participated in most recently was helping host a car parade baby shower for my sister-in-law earlier this week. Being the social media manager, I was in charge of creating the Facebook event =D. I also helped with food ideas and set up.
The front yard was decorated with “storks” – hooks with baby blankets to look like a stork was bring a baby down from heaven.
We had a food table with individually wrapped cookies that said thanks for driving by and nice cold water bottles for this hot evening.
Next, there was a canopy to provide shade for the mama to be along with a table for all the gifts.
Guests would drive up to this sign and the mom to be would walk up to grab any gifts or cards. Assistants would bring the gifts to the table once they were opened in front of the guests. Other assistants wearing masks and gloves served the cookies and water bottles to the guests in their cars. The treats were especially great for any guests waiting in the car line to greet the mama to be.
Hugs to all you pregnant mommas out there as deal with the emotions and uncertainty. May you find peace and support through your pregnancy and have smooth deliveries.

Child’s Birthday

Similarly, in April, another family friend celebration was my daughter’s birthday. We had people schedule times through Sign Up Genius to come by in 15 min. increments since we were dealing with children so they wouldn’t overlap and run and hug each other.
My daughter sat in the window to say hi to each of her friends and family and chat for a few minutes. I would take pictures through the window or their parents would take a photo of their child with my daughter in the window.
If they had a gift, they left it in a bin outside on the table. They could also grab a goodie bag from another bin so there was no contact.

Since this was back in April, it was awkward at first remember how to talk to friends since were following strict guidelines to stay inside as much as possible during April. It tugged at my mommy heart strings that my daughter couldn’t hug her friends and run and play with them or show them her presents. We didn’t get to play any games or have treats together. Although it was a challenge, my daughter told me at the end of the day it was a really good day.
Because we did no contact, we offered to do a Zoom call for friends and family to hop onto later if they wanted to sing Happy Birthday and see my daughter open her presents. My daughter was very blessed with the signs, cards, gifts and all the people who came to say Happy Birthday. These small gestures meant the world to my daughter. It was definitely a birthday to remember.

Social Distancing Celebration Ideas

What have been some creative ways you’ve celebrated with family and friends during this pandemic? Need some ideas for other family friend celebrations that might be happening, check out this article. The article shares ideas for graduations, dances, anniversaries, and more. What family friend celebrations do you have coming up? In conclusion, 2020 might be a year where we will all be celebrating our birthdays, holidays, milestones, and anniversaries in creative, unique ways. May you see the blessings and still feel loved as you celebrate in these challenging times. Or may you help bring joy and love to someone’s celebration coming up with some of these ideas that have been shared.


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