June 11

Discovering your Niche


Did you miss this post,
Bloggers Are Influencers of The Information Age? Check it out again on today’s #ThrowbackThursday, and leave us a comment.

One aspect from that post I want to re emphasize, Bloggers are trusted by followers and readers in their niche of choice. They become reliable sources of information and have a great amount of influence on their communities. Have you found your niche yet? Your niche is something you love, you know a lot about, and something someone will pay you to do. What things do people come to you and ask for your help with? Knowledge on cars? Technology? Fashion? Parenting? Travel?

Forbes.com shares 5 steps to discovering your niche. It’s okay for your blog to transform and change as you discover yourself and your niche more and more. It’s a process, and I believe readers love seeing people discover oneself as it helps them discover themselves as well.

Did you know currently, there are more than 1.7 billion websites from around the globe. More than 150 million of those sites are blogs.
Tag a blog that has influenced you in the comments. We’d love to have more blog influencers registered.


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