June 25

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Do you have enough Blog Images Support?
Did you miss this post, The Struggles of Being a Blogger: Solutions for all Bloggers? Check it out again for today’s Throwback Thursday, and leave us a comment.

One of the aspects from that fabulous post I want to re emphasize is great photos.

Great Photos breaks up blocks of texts and helps hold your readers’ interest. Since readers’ attention spans when perusing the internet are notoriously low, having photos to block up sections help give your blog post a more professional appearance that simply looks better. – 4 Reasons Images are Important for your Blog

Blog Images Support#1

Many bloggers know this important aspect already. It helps greatly across social media to attract new followers and initiate conversation. One caution some bloggers haven’t learned is the important of creating your own images or making sure your photos are royalty free. Here is a list of 15 sites where you can get great royalty free photos. Let us know which one is your favorite.
Like what was mentioned in our blog post, The Struggles of Being a Blogger: Solutions for all Bloggers.

Images don’t always come easy

Beautiful images definitely add a final touch to your posts. But if you’re like me, taking or finding the right images is a big blogging struggle. I applaud & admire anyone who wants to use all their own images. If that’s you, but you struggle as I do, take a class at your local college or research ways to improve taking your own photos. To start you off, here is a post on 6 Tips for Taking Better Photos for Your Blog. In addition, there are lots of programs and apps that allow you to improve your images through editing such as GIMP for your computer and the Lightroom app for your phone.

Blog Images Support #2

Another alternative for better blog images is to use free stock photos. If you have WordPress, you can access the free photo library under your wordpress.com dashboard. Other popular sites for free images are unsplash.com and pexels.com. However, before downloading your image, make sure you read the fine print because some images and sites still require you to cite your source in the caption of your image on your post. You’ll want to make sure to follow such requirements so that you adhere to copyright law.

Blog Images Support #3

If you plan on providing images with text for social sharing on sites like Facebook and Pinterest, then you will want to use a program for adding elements to your graphics. Canva is a really easy site that allows you to create graphics on your PC or using an app on your phone. The free version has lots of great features or you can get a subscription that allows you access to a free photo library, easy resizing, and many other amazing features.


Which of these tips or sites shared, will you try for your next blog post?

Did you know currently, there are more than 1.7 billion websites from around the globe. More than 150 million of those sites are blogs.
Comment with a blog that has great images in the comments. We’d love to have more bloggers registered.


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