June 9

Benefits of the Great Outdoors


What outdoor plans do you have? It’s one of the few safe activities most people around the world can do right now.

As a result of getting outdoors, there are great benefits to your health. Here are three benefits.

1. One study suggests spending just 20 minutes outside can boost your energy and brain better than a cup of coffee.

2. Being outside can boost your creative juices. Stuck on how to move forward, try contemplating outside.

3. You can restore your focus when you step outside. If you can work outside, it’s even better.

Want to read about more benefits? Check out this article.

When I think of one of my favorite places to rejuvenate, I think of my family’s cottage in Michigan on a lake surrounded by trees. I just love looking out from the balcony our going out on the pier to take in the beauty of the earth around me.

Send us a message with your favorite travel destination and why. Or share about why your country is wonderful to visit, and you could be featured on our blog. If many of us can’t travel right now, we can travel virtually and plan for our next great adventure. Please send 3-5 photos as well.


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