June 20

Benefit of Blog Series

For today’s Saturday Share of Blogger Tips, we talk a bit about the benefit of doing a blog series. Several types of series you can do are weekly tips, guest posts, or video posts. If you need more ideas, check out more from All FreeLance Writing. You could do these for a limited time for a something like 8 weeks.  You could also do them monthly or weekly.

As a result, the benefit of doing a series is that it helps your readers know what to expect. It gives them consistency. Similarly if you’re a new blogger, it also helps to not have to think as much about what kind of content to create.

Consequently, here at Infinity Blog Awards we will be doing series posts. Here are our ideas; let us know if you have any others. Or feel free to share what kind of support you’re looking for in our series posts.


Sunday Spotlight: We spotlight bloggers’ stories.

Motivational Monday: We share an inspiring message or quote to uplift and motivate.

Travel Tuesday: Since Infinity Blog Awards is world wide, we want to visit the world and share its  beauty to help people create travel lists.

Wellness Wednesday: We want our bloggers to be their best selves so we share tips to make sure you can run on your optimal health.

Thankful Thursday: When we show gratitude, we can further see the blessings in our lives to push forward and share our messages.

Throwback Thursday: We want to remind our readers posts that they might have missed.

Family Friend Friday: We want to spotlight your friends and family support, your inspirations to start blogging. Without support, it is very difficult to go through challenges in life.

Saturday Share: We share blogging tips from bloggers and give ideas to some of your blogging challenges.


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