June 30

Beaver, Utah


Travel with me to Beaver Utah, a beautiful place in the desert with amazing nature views and wonderful wildlife. Escape from the world for today’s Travel Tuesday.


Beautiful Views

We were very fortunate to be able to use a friend of a friend’s cabin for up in the mountains of Beaver, Utah earlier in June. Because we were so high up in the mountains, there were incredible views. It was so wonderful to get away from the crazy of the world and be up where nature surrounds you.


It was of course especially beautiful at sunset. Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite time of day.


We were able to see these beautiful views in different ways. First, we saw views from our cabin. Next we saw views from higher on a ski lift. Lastly we saw views driving around by truck or ATV. I think ATV was definitely my favorite because you were surrounded by nature and feeling the air around you. Hiking would have been good too, but the mountains were very steep and several us struggled with breathing well so high up. We were over 10,000 feet in the mountains.



Being in nature you hope to see the wildlife because living the city life,¬† it’s rare to see these beautiful creatures.

I saw deer several times while driving on the ATVs. They seem kinda used to people, but are still cautious because I think people also do plenty of hunting in these mountains.

Other people in our party saw elk on their ATV ride.

Around the cabin, we saw a grouse, a dog that we thought was a wolf, a woodchuck, and even an eagle. The grouse reminded us of a turkey. The woodchuck was pretty fast!


Outdoor Activities  in Beaver Utah

There are plenty of outdoor activities for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Hunting and fishing are popular, but of course both need licenses.

ATVs and other recreational vehicles are very popular. There are many ATV trails. I think I went on 3-5 ATV rides once I got the hang of driving the four wheeler and with sharp turns.

Hiking of course is also very popular with lots of trails as well.

In the winter, the most popular activity is skiing. They have amazing trails up to Black Diamond status for avid skiers.

Cabin Life

We enjoyed glamping the most with Cabin Life. It was just nice to be away from electronics, make good food, have deep conversations, have campfires, and laugh while playing games. Some of our favorite games to play together as a family are Codenames, Exploding Kittens, and One Night Werewolf and the expansion pack. On this trip we learned new games, Mysterium, Double Ditto, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. Double Ditto was pretty hilarious. The other two games were intriguing. What are some of your favorite games to play together as a family?

Each family took turns being in charge of the food. We had Taco Ring, Beef Burritos, Sub Sandwiches, Pizza, and Spaghetti. What are some of your favorite family get together meals that are easy for large groups?

During our campfires, we tried to be creative with our S’mores. We tried S’mores with Reeses, Rolos, Snickers, Hershey’s Cookies and Creme, and more! I’ve seen lots more ideas for creative S’more making. What’s your favorite way to S’more? The kids also enjoyed playing with glow in the dark jewelry. There’s just something peaceful about sitting around a campfire.


What are your favorite ways to camp or enjoy the outdoors? Those seem to be the safest ways to get out and travel right now.



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