About Us

Welcome to Infinity Blog Awards - you’re in good company!

We wish to offer you our sincere gratitude for what we know has been hard and time-consuming work maintaining and running your blog. You’ve spent long days writing, tweaking, and updating your blog to bring high-quality content to the world, and it shows! Blogging can be a lonely place. No one seems to understand what the heck you do. Maybe you’ve given up on being understood. But now it’s your turn to be recognized!


To ignite social change across the world by promoting excellence in blogging through the recognition and advancement of high-quality content producers

Our Mission

Infinity Blog Awards seeks to recognize and promote exceptional bloggers—from all backgrounds and experience levels—who high-quality content and make a difference in the world. We are committed. We are commited, we folster the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and creative expression in online media around the world.


This year, Infinity Blog Awards will honor blogs in two different levels of awards.


Blog of the Year

This is the highest and most prestigious award level. All finalists are automatically eligible for this top Award. At the event ceremony, the most outstanding blog will be selected and given the Prestige Award for “Blog of the Year.”


Best in a Category

There are 30 categories in this award level. This is the only level where participants  can enter their blogs directly to win the award. Eight blogs per category will be selected to make the finalists’ list after voting and judging. At the event ceremony, the most exceptional blog from each category will win the Gold Award of “Best in a Category.”

Note: A blog can win in more than one category and award level. To be able to win in multiple categories, a participant must nominate the blog in multiple categories and  must treat every nomination as a separate entity.