June 10

4 Tips for Managing Stress during Covid-19

Be your Best Blogger Self with these 4 Tips for Managing Stress during Covid-19, though many of these ideas can be used anytime in life.



  1. Create a Joy List and do something from it every day. If you haven’t heard of Joy Lists, check out this great video from Tiffany Peterson, sales coach and motivational speaker. This video on Joy Lists is part of her Self Care = Success series.


2. From time to time, we need to step away from all the news and social media.


3. Connect with those who matter most, your inner circle.


4. Take care of your body. Because when your body is depleted, it effects everything. Your body tries to give you clues before it screams from exhaustion. Consequently, listen to your body and try some of these ideas to support it.

In conclusion, these tips are like putting on your mask on an airplane first. When you do this, you can then help support others more.
We’d love to hear other ideas that have supported you and you could be featured in a future blog post.


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