June 13

4 Be’s of Blog Authenticity

Today’s Saturday Share of blogging tips are the the 4 Be’s of Blog Authenticity.

  1. Be Vulnerable – when we are vulnerable, people are able to see us deeply and find a better connection more than just the surface. When was the last time you were vulnerable. I have been the most vulnerable when I share about my depression. This past week, I shared some of my thoughts on my personal Facebook profile about experiences with racism. It’s scary because sometimes people just don’t understand, but there are people out there wanting to hear your story to uplift them and raise awareness to create change.
  2. Be Real – This goes along with vulnerability. People want to read on your blog the real you, so that if they ever meet you in person, they can see that you matches the blog you.
  3. Be Honest – If you do reviews on your blog, then be honest how you feel about what you’re reviewing. Don’t endorse a product you don’t believe in just because you’re getting paid to endorse it.
  4. Be Intentional – Being real doesn’t mean not being professional in your words. You still want to create posts that people can understand, and not be distracted by lots of grammatical errors.


Which of these has been most challenging for you? What thoughts would you add to these 4 Be’s?

Do you have a blogging tip that has changed blogging for you? Let us know so we can spotlight you and help others bloggers.


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