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Awards 2021

We're excited to announce this year's finalists — an outstanding list of blogs owned by some of the most talented bloggers of our time.  Winners will be announced on the day of the awards ceremony.


 We had an amazing 

time in 2019.

It was smiles, applause and strong emotions on the night of the Infinity Blog Awards 2019 Event as our Partner, Jessica, and our Founder, Tanyi honored the winners. It's amazing that we were able to meet in Utah to celebrate and  we're proud of our team and the attendees, because no matter what happened, we didn't give up. Click on the button on the right to see  all the pictures of the event.

infinity blog awards

#infinityBA2019 Winners 

Boohoo! These beautiful souls were honored at the Infinity Blog Awards, 2019. They are all exceptional role models to others around them. They go the extra mile and work with a passion and dedication that is truly inspiring for all. Congratulations to all the winners of Infinity Blog Awards, 2019! 

Our Mission

Infinity Blog Awards  recognizes and promotes exceptional bloggers - from all backgrounds and experience levels - who produce high-quality content and make a difference in the world.  We are committed. We foster the highest levels of integrity, ethics and creative expression in online media around the world.

#InfinityBA recognizes  blogs in 31 categories and 10 subcategories, but only 30 categories can be entered into or nominated for directly. A blog can be nominated in more than one category. If you are not sure which category or categories to select for entry, check the category descriptions by clicking on the button below.